1. Part-Time Hifz

This program provides a good opportunity for school-going and home-schooled children to memorize Quran in the evening. Children who are interested in only memorizing the 30th Juz along with a few selected surahs can join this program as well.

The program will also focus on the Tarbiyyah of students by teaching Deeniyat and Akhlaaqiyaat along with encouraging them to follow the sunnah in their daily lives.

4 days a week (Monday to Thursday 6 to 8 pm CST)

  1. Nazira Quran

This is a comprehensive after-school program for teaching Quran and Islamiat to school-going children in the age group of 5 to 12 years.

4 days a week (Tuesday thru Friday 6 to 8 pm CST)

  1. Noorani Qaidah

Maktab class for absolute beginners, teaching Noorani Qaidah with Tajweed along with basics of Islam.

4 days a week (Tuesday thru Friday 5 to 6 pm CST)

If you are interested to enroll your child in any of the programs above, please fill out the enrollment form.

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